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Location- Pune

Date: 26th September 2014

 Last month’s Coffee Talk was a big success! And hence we thought of coming back with the same theme as before – Product Awesomeness with Continuous Delivery - with Devesh Chanchlani


Our objective is to enable free flow of conversation on topics of significance to bring better ways to think, innovate, develop and work collaboratively.

Do note this is a forum for discussions, food for thought and NOT for drawing conclusions always.

In two hours we cover various topics of interest in facilitated group discussions and activities under a theme.

The Theme for September – Product Awesomeness Through Continuous Delivery 

Continuous Delivery is said to give a product the competitive edge, and contribute towards high reliability and low risks. By treading on the CD journey with style, organisations like Facebook and LinkedIn have been rewarded with roaring success of their products. In this Agile Coffee Talk, we will try to dig deeper into questions or inhibitions such as

·         Is the ability to make quick and hassle free releases motivation enough?

·         What can stop us from making Continuous Delivery?

·         What mindset shift is required for make Continuous Delivery happen?

·         How can we achieve Continuous Delivery?

You are invited to join us and participate in the talk on Friday, the 26th of September, 5:00PM onwards.

What’s happening?

·         20 mins – Meet & Greet followed by setting some ground rules and expectations (don’t miss this part if you want to get the flow of what’s happening here)

·         50 mins – Talk – Continuous Delivery

·         20 mins – Discussions and sharing experiences and gaining insights

·         Time for a cuppa

·         20 mins – Open space – You have a say…we have the way!

·         10 minutes – Retrospective and close

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